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Refreshing Life with Naima

Welcome to Refreshing Life with Dr. Naima Johnston Bush! 

Our Mission:

Using music and ministry to encourage and instruct people to live lives of prayer, joy and thankfulness!

"Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5 Verses 16 - 18 

Tell The Devil Nuts! 

Here’s a tidbit that most people don’t know about me.  I love watching war movies, as a matter of fact one of my favorite movies of all time is, When We Were Soldiers, I can watch that movie over and over again.  Recently, I got a chance to watch, Band of Brother’sSeries on HBO, a WWII docudrama that focuses on the experiences of the paratroopers who landed behind enemy lines during the invasion of Normandy.  My favorite part comes near the end when the 101st division is surrounded by the Germans at the town of Bastogne in Belgium. Dealing with a brutal winter, a lack of supplies and an overall weariness, the division Commander is issued a demand to honorably surrender by his enemy.  General McAuliffe who was in charge at that time responded to the German commander one word, “NUTS!” 

Despite the opposition, the appearance of defeat, the lack of resources, General McAuliffe told his greatest enemy in no uncertain terms, “You sir, are crazy, I will not stand down.”  Shortly after McAuliffe wrote that one word in faith, the 101st was resupplied and joined by a fresh division and were instrumental in bringing to end one of the most horrid and brutal events in world history.  It was almost as if his very defiance changed the atmosphere and shifted the war in the favor of right. 

What I’m learning is that as Christians we need to take the same approach.  We need to look the devil in the eye, and let him know that the Creator of Heaven and Earth is on our side and we will not back down.  We need to remember that no matter what it looks like or feels like, God has a greater plan that He is working out on our behalf.  Fresh supplies and reinforcements are on the way!  By faith we have to take a step towards victory declaring that we know by faith it is right around the corner! 

When things go wrong, I’m going to start to yell, “NUTS!”  It is going to be my war cry that I will not be defeated, but rather that I trust the perfect plan of God.  If you are struggling, sick, can’t seem to find your way, if you are in need, if you’ve been fighting and you are tired, yell, “NUTS!” Then start to praise the Lord!  Use the word to declare that the very thought of you being on the losing side is crazy because the Lord of all is sending fresh supplies, angelic and human reinforcements to hold you up.  We will not surrender, even when it is the darkest night!  God has declared the time of victory is now, NUTS to anyone or anything standing in your way! 

How Can I Serve You? 

Planning a women’s ministry event?  Interested in a house concert or special music for your church event?  Need a guest worship leader?  Please contact me, I’m now taking requests for bookings for September through December 2015 and I would love to be of service to you.  Send me an email at

Get Busy Living... 

In March of 2016 I was diagnosed with liver disease, Cirrhosis to be exact. I don’t even drink and here I was labeled with the one disease that never entered my mind as a possibility. This past Spring I was incredibly ill and so frustrated. Here I was trying to live a life pleasing to the Lord, to share His love with the world and now I was facing possible liver transplant, my hair falling out, infertility, anemia, fibroids, potassium deficiency, enlarged spleen, gall stones and a 40% chance of death in the next five years.

My mother swooped in with prayers and a plan. My community rallied around me. My husband was a rock and my father a source of constant encouragement. The help that Jon and I received were the hands of Jesus on the earth. The doctors had no explanation as to why the illness had progressed so far so fast, maybe it was from fatty liver disease or maybe it is some exotic autoimmune issue. Nobody seems to know, all I could do was trust the Father in the midst of what seemed like an “untrustable” situation.

In the midst of this storm I have seen the face of God. I have been carried by the prayers of the righteous. And most importantly I’ve clung to the fact that God still heals today. My empty unfilled Diabetes and High Blood Pressure medicine bottles are a sign of that. The doctor reports that my liver is functioning and there is nothing to do but watch it, spurs me to reply, that I watch only for the manifestation of my healing to be revealed. My clothes are too big and the weight I use to carry has diminished since changing my entire nutritional lifestyle. And I feel great, look pretty cute to. If you knew how sick I was you would rejoice with me that my sluggish liver is starting to trot! Praise the Lord!

But sometimes those nasty little doubts whisper to my mind. So what do you do? First you call the devil a lie, proclaim the Word of God over your life and stand flat footed on the promises of Psalm 118 verse 17 – I shall not die but live to proclaim the work of the Lord! And did you know the liver is the only organ that can regenerate, that’s what I’m experiencing, a creative miracle in my own body!

Then you think of Morgan Freeman. One of his most famous movie lines is from the Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” Being sick will make you take a long look at your life and I saw some things I didn’t like. Fear that hindered me from pursuing my dreams full out, I saw missed opportunities, many moments I had lived unaware of the presence, the power and the beauty of the Lord.

And I decided no more… In the midst of my sickness, the Lord whispered to me to live! Live with joy, with passion, with a thankful heart and the belief that He can do all things and so the entire focus of Broken Box Ministries has changed. The Lord will satisfy me with long life and show me His salvation! And each moment I have I plan to live joyfully, thankfully and prayerfully. My new mission, the desire of my heart, is to teach others to do the same thing.

Welcome to the Refreshing Life with Naima!
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