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Lord! Bless The Children! 

Lord, Bless The Children a Creative Expression by Sister Wanda Burnside.


Another school year has begun and this week on the blog we share a poem by our Sister Wanda Burnside reminding us to cover our children in prayer. Now more then ever we must lift up our communities, families, churches, marriages and especially our babies before the Lord so that they may grow to be a light in a dark word!

Wanda Burnside is an author, poet, publisher and speaker who loves to use her gifts to encourage others in their faith. To learn more about Wanda and Write the Vision Ministries contact here: Email Wanda 

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The Evil That Men Do 

This poem was written many years ago, after another horrific school shooting. There was so much going on at the time: genocide in Africa, the on going war in the Middle East, bullying, child abuse, missing children, abortion, poison in dog and cat food, sexual violence, police brutality and gang violence. It was all to much... and so this poem was written to try and bring me some comfort. With two shootings in the last two months, I hope it brings you some comfort as well


The Evil That Men Do by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush, Founder of the Refreshing Life with Naima


It amazes me 

That You have not deserted us by now 

Since we’ve uninvited You, 

Into this thing called life. 

As if Your blood 

Wasn’t enough to justify 

And Your word was simply powerless on the page. 

Metal scrapes air, 

Rupturing softened hearts 

Blinding minds. 

Eager, open to academic rigor. 


It is the evil that men do, 

Bound by dreams their eyes can’t see. 

Their daily fellowship with abject communication. 

Chased by ghosts, 

Who demand they call the innocent to account 

Screaming for payment 

On a debt no longer owed. 


Refusing to love a neighbor 

May lead him to the brink, a land of no return, 

Leaving broken hearts, empty arms 

Fractured and akimbo. 


And the neighbor was unknown to all, 

Who was punished by his hand. 

The neighbor did not know 

That the blood price had already been gathered 

By Your nail scarred hands. 


But the evil that men do, demands that it be, 

Poured out as an offering again and again. 

African coasts hiding homicide 

While terror rises in my own throat. 

And I understand that this is the war that truly must be fought. 


Whispers of ancient lands and genocide, 

Labors cut short by the choice called death. 

Roving marauders clashing in urban battle grounds 

Screams unacknowledged as clothing rips. 


Faces splashed on TV screens and highway signs 

Rechristen every lost child “Amber”, 

Even if it’s little Billy who is never seen again. 

Winter finding unholy comfort in the Springtime, 

And even our companions fear to feed. 


This thing, this evil that men do, 

Makes me reach for communion with You. 

Trust that You see, 

You mourn, You wait, 

Biding Your time, 

Until the promise comes to pass, 

That in the end it will be avenged 

This evil that men do.


Dr. Naima Johnston Bush (c) 2015

All Rights Reserved

7thirtysevenlogos Publishing

How To Overcome Negative Body Image - Marriage Monday 

It's Marriage Monday on the Blog! And we are back with our resident experts, Elders LJ and Novica Olinger! This month Novica shares on how negative body image can impact your marriage and how to overcome these challenges from a Christian perspective. Click the picture below to view this video blog!




Elders Larry and Novica Olinger are powerful and anointed marriage mentors - for more information about their work or to seek assistance on marital issues, contact them here: 


The See Saw 

The See Saw by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush, Founder, The Refreshing Life with Naima

Balance… that’s what I’m learning these days. Sometimes life is like a tipping scale, or a see saw, spend too much time on one area and the see saw goes wacky and tosses everything on the other end high into the air! My see saw has my personal life on one end and my ministry/professional life on the other. Over the last month I’ve seen that see saw totter back and forth unevenly most of the time. I’ve seen quite a few things go flying as well! And the fall out has not always been good… have you ever seen a little kid get tossed from a see saw, there is usually blood involved in those crash landings. I personally have been on the losing end of a see saw battle, dropped so hard my teeth chattered and my backside ached. I’ve been flung so hard and high I had to grip the little handle for dear life. 

What I’ve been learning over the last month is that it’s ok to let the see saw swing, you can’t always keep it perfectly balanced although for your own mental health and spiritual peace you should try.  You should also know when not to try so hard. Christ should always remain in the center… think of Him as that brave older kid who stood in the middle of the see saw balancing perfectly as you rode up and down. A good see saw ride should be smooth, going up and down equally, with little stress and with great rhythm. The point is to enjoy the ride! If you have a dream, a ministry, a desire deep in your heart that your working towards make sure you’re taking time to balance the see saw, let Christ stand in the middle helping you to balance and enjoy the ride! 

 Keeping Balance 

- Stay in prayer, keep Christ in the center 

- Make time to read your Word, pray, meditate and be involved in church 

- Determine what your priorities are and make decisions for your life based on these priorities 

- Schedule personal time and stick to it 

- Take care of yourself, exercise and eat right 

- Don’t work after the time you’ve set as the end of your work day 

- Deal with problems right away, don’t be afraid of confrontation, handle conflict in a Christ like manner 

- Always pause to listen to your loved ones

- NO is and always will be, a complete sentence.

Want to learn more about Balancing your life? Contact me for more information about, Joy School, a program specifically designed to bring more joy, more prayer and more thankfulness into your life! Contact Naima!


You Are Much To Old! 

You Are Much Too Old by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush, Founder of the Refreshing Life

Recently I was reminded of The 2nd Annual Called to Sing Retreat that occurred in 2011.  It was an amazing gathering of artists who came from as far away as Maryland and the mighty Midwest of Illinois.  Artists eager to do a great work for the Lord, seeking direction, encouragement and a community of like minded psalmists who understood their special needs. 

As I reflect back, the most interesting thing about the group was all of the artists in attendance except one were over the age of 30.  That’s like being a senior citizen in the world of contemporary Christian music.  I remember my first experience with a major Christian Artist organization when I left my day job to pursue this God given dream fulltime.  I was told in no uncertain terms at the rip age of 32 that I was much too old to expect a record deal or have a viable career as an artist.  I left that conference feeling discouraged – in their opinion, and they were the gatekeepers, I was too old to be worthwhile to mainstream Christian music. 

After drowning my sorrows in cake, I decided that I wouldn’t let anyone tell me what Jesus could and could not do.  If He wanted me to have a record deal, dog gone it, I’d have it.  Since then, I’ve started my own label seen and done some incredible things in ministry and have been able to sustain myself as an artist for almost 20 years.  Am I rich, nope, do I have national exposure – nope.  But I am happier then I ever was working in an office confined to the limits of other people’s faith.  And I believe, I’ve made a difference and touched a few lives in the process. 

A friend and fellow artist Katie Peltier once said that Christian music seemed to be one of the only industries that closed the door on your entry after a certain age, which is completely contradictory to what the Bible says about age.  The Bible says in Proverbs 16 verse 31 that, Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.  And I gotta a few gray poking through this blonde wig.  Or in Job 12 Verse 12, Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days. 

What I know now, what I have experienced and learned in my early 40’s can in no way compare to what I knew when I was in my 20’s or even 30’s.  I’m a better artist because I know about struggle, loneliness, extreme joy, Godly love and loss – in multiple ways and from multiple perspectives.  I’m not saying young whipper snappers don’t have anything to say – I could be my current producer’s mother if I’d had a baby at 17!  I’m saying that a multitude of life experiences make for a richer artist so don’t count me out cause I’m older then what a record label thinks is marketable. 

So I want to encourage someone if you are an artist or not… someone told you it’s to late, you’re to old, it will never happen for you.  Don’t believe the lie of the devil.  Get moving on that dream, that desire, that goal.  You have much to share with the world and as long as there is breath in you, it’s never to late!  

As for me, I’m leaning on Psalm 92 Verse 14, 

And you know what, I’ve only just begun, sit back and watch me burn… I got things to do and places to go for the Lord.  I’m on a great adventure, will you join me? 

I'd love to know your thoughts! Please leave a comment and let me know! If you are looking to launch your ministry or God given dream and you'd like a little help, pick up a copy of Dr. Nay's Guide To Achieving Your God Given Dream - get it on today!

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