Believe and Live - Guest Post by Wanda Burnside



Don’t let the buzzards and vultures 

Fly circling above your head 

For they are waiting and watching 

For you to drop dead 

They don’t want you to live 

They are hoping you won’t survive 

But, keep pressing on and don’t quit 

Say, “I will live and not die!” 

Life is hard in so many different ways 

Things can really get so tough 

Challenges, difficulties, test and trials 

Sometimes you want to say, “Enough!” 

When you have tried and tried so hard 

With all of your strength and might 

Yet, things don’t turn out like you want 

You still must continue to fight! 

Some people may want you to give up 

Because they hope you will fail 

They don’t want you to press on 

Persevere, succeed and excel 

Don’t let the buzzards and vultures 

Circle around your head 

Don’t allow their evil thoughts 

Interfere with what the Holy Bible said 

God has given you His angels 

To keep you so you won’t fall 

They are there to protect you 

God will send them when you call 

The buzzards and vultures 

Want you to always fear 

They don’t want you to believe 

That God is standing near 

Ignore what they are trying to do 

Reject their schemes and plans 

Stand firm in faith and know 

You are in God’s almighty hands 

Although you may stumble 

Along life’s journey and way 

God will provide for you 

No matter what others say 

Life may look miserable and down 

And filled with loads of problems too 

Just be assured and stay strong 

God has great blessings for you 

Don’t allow fearful thoughts 

And worries to circle over your head 

 They’re like those buzzards and vultures 

That wants you to fail and fall dead 

They will play with your thoughts 

And depress your very mind 

Trying to control your destiny 

So leave them far behind 

Look up and see Jesus 

For He will bring you out 

He is your help and strength 

Don’t continue to fear and doubt 

Those buzzards and vultures 

Never will devour you as dead meat 

You’re covered in the Blood of Jesus! 

Satan isn’t above, 

 He’s under your feet! 


Wanda Burnside

(c) 2019

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