Inclined To Worship

Inclined to Worship Guest Post By Ramelle T. Lee © 2012 

Meditation Scripture:  I Chronicles 16:29 (KJV) 

"Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name:  bring an offering, and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness." 


The Lord said, "Have you ever thought about what I want you to do for me?  Are you longing to love me with all your heart?  Can you live without my love?  Ponder these questions for a moment.  Now sit back and relax in me.  Allow my love to surround you. 

Allow the Holy Spirit to settle your thoughts and allow you to lift your voice in praise.  Let His Spirit take you to a place of peace and total tranquility.  Are you there yet?  Have you called out my name and lifted your head and hands in total surrender? 

You are precious in my sight.  I love to hear you speak my name.  I love to hear you sing my praises.  I love to hear you witness to others about the way I make you feel inside. 

Can you reflect what you adore about my love? I know it's personal. I realize that you can't always put into words what is truly in your heart. However, I am pleased that you would speak my name aloud.  You are not ashamed to recognize that I am your beloved.   I, your Heavenly Father, am pleased that you take the time to worship me in the beauty of holiness. 

Raise your voice so that it can be heard in the heavens!  Realize that the angels of the Lord are also listening.  You have an audience that never sleeps.  The heavenly choir is also standing at attention.  They glorify my name, just as you choose to do through your worship and praise.  You make me feel special as you praise and worship me.  I am never too busy to hear your voice lifting up beautiful words of adoration to me, the King of glory. 

As you spend precious time in my presence, I will come to your rescue and reward you for reverencing and lifting up my name. I will take care of your needs and shower you with blessings. I see your desire to please me and show forth your praises. While you are showing love to me in your heart, just know that I am smiling at you. 

Continue to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.  You will be given treasures from heaven that no man can take away.  I will bless you.  I will always love you!"


Ramelle T. Lee is a poet, author of four books, speaker, businesswoman, radio co-host and a staff writer for The Lamp Newsletter.  In 2006, she founded Touching Your Heart Ministries to reach people who feel hopeless, deeply hurt, rejected, wounded and brokenhearted.  She is also a CEO of Treasures from Heaven Ministries and a leader in several other organizations.

For more information or to contact Ramelle: Touching Your Heart Ministries 

P.O. Box 119 Lincoln Park, MI 48146-0119 


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