Life Was Not Meant To Be Lived Off Leash

Discovering Healthy Boundaries - Life Was Not Meant To Be Lived Off Leash by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush

It is not unusual to wake up in the morning with a mouse in my bed.  The mouse is usually not alone; sometimes there is a cow, a Rug Rat, several bones and a six-pound Chihuahua.  Sometimes it’s a fuzzy pink pig, a monkey, a chicken, some bones and a dog.  Only the dog is alive, the rest are her "stuffed babies." 

Anyone who knows me well or has come to a concert or workshop that I’ve conducted knows that I love my dog.  Bianca drinks bottled water, does not know the first thing about being put in a crate, is paper trained so she does not have to go out when she doesn't want to and – Does Not Walk On A Leash!!!!  She is either carried in my arms or she walks next to me when we are out.  

Bianca’s lack of leash hasn’t really been an issue, since Bianca does not really go out anywhere, she doesn’t even really walk anywhere.  She's not spoiled, she's blessed!  And she's a good dog, she does not chew up shoes or make a mess in the house, she wraps herself in her blanket and waits for me to come home, she's playful, likes to be held and loves to give kisses. 

But my desire to allow Bianca to explore the world freely has taught me several valuable lessons.   After celebrating our church’s fourth anniversary, I came home and exhausted took Bianca out for a short walk.  As we were standing in front of our door a guy whizzed by on his bike and Bianca took off after him.  She is fast and well, I need Richard Simmons.  She chased that guy up the street, into traffic, barking and yipping with me screaming her name and running after her – in heels.  I was making so much noise, the local police who were driving by pulled over to see what the commotion was about. 

Bianca finally turned around and came back, she knew she was in trouble.  I was just so thankful that a car had not hit her.  I grabbed her, popped her little tail and sent her to her bed.  About an hour later she peeked at me from behind the couch, nuzzled my hand to see if we were cool and then promptly jumped into my lap.  Of course I gave her a good talking to…  

So now Bianca has to go out on her leash, she didn't like it the first few times, but after a while we were able to go out and walk to a new place. She seemed excited about the new smells, the new grass, I let her off her leash for a while and then put it back on her and we walked home.  

Bianca’s adventure got me thinking about the Lord.  He puts boundaries on our lives (a leash) because He loves us and cares for us.  He is not trying to deny us when He says – aw, you really don't need to be over there.  We are not aware of the danger; we go (running into traffic) chasing things that are exciting with no clue about the danger that is on the way.  We can be hurt, we can even be killed.  

And when we are in a safe place, when we are mature enough to handle a little more, in a place He has selected, He gives us a little more room to explore and walk around.  So the boundaries that the Lord places on our lives are for our own good.  And as we get use to submitting and living within these boundaries, we begin to enjoy them.  They protect us, keep us safe, and allow us to go to new places in the Lord just like Bianca and I did when we went for our walk.  It's much more fun for Bianca and I when she walks by my side and I only have to carry her when she needs comfort or to be loved on.  

I'm sure the Lord carries us when we need comfort or when we need to be loved on.  But it's a great testimony to be able to walk into what the Lord has called us to do, proper boundaries in place, letting Him lead, but walking together.  

You are my rock and my fortress. For the honor of your name, lead me out of this danger. Psalms 31 Verse 3 

Lord, sometimes I don't like it but let me always walk on Your leash and thank You for carrying me when I need comfort and love.

always walk on Your leash and thank You for carrying me when I need comfort and love.


This Blog originally appeared in the book: Dr. Nay's Random Recovery Life Lesson


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