Love On Somebody - Sarai Jacobs

Love.  This is my family. We are the Jacobs family, party of soon-to-be 6!

My husband and I are currently living in Washington State. This December we will be celebrating nine years of marriage. In that nine years, we've had 3.5 kids, our grand finale will be here in December. So we've been doing this parenting thing for a long time.

We work really hard to make sure we are investing in our children. We both come from broken homes, so being good parents has always been a top priority. Problem is, we never really feel like we know what we are doing. We have good days. Then we have bad days, like bad, bad days.  

I go to bed every night going through my day wondering, did I give enough of myself? Did I model Christ' love today? Did I spend enough quality time with each of them today? Did I lose my temper? Did I apologize after I did? And so on and so on.

So it's safe to say that I never really know how I did. I mean, I want to give myself the benefit of the doubt but how can I really be sure? Is there a secret formula, one that guarantees the production of healthy, well rounded respectful kids? Kids that stand up for what's right, kids that trust God with all their hearts, kids that are selfless.... 

In this moment of thinking a quote stirred in my heart, "if you want to change the world, go home and love your family". You see, most the time I'm so overwhelmed with what's happening in our world that I lose focus on what's in my control and what isn't. I watch the news or scroll through Facebook and see the division, hate, and social injustices and I feel hopeless.

I want to do something to contribute and help but I'm over here changing diapers and serving goldfish.

But that's the beauty of it, right now, yes, my season of life is living and breathing kids. But with Jesus, I can change the world by loving my family! Working every day by building and developing four strong Christians who give their lives to Jesus. Kids who will follow Gods calling on their lives. Kids who will build people up. Kids who will serve in their communities.  

This is my role and assignment right now and I think that if more people spent time investing in the people around them, everyone would be better off. Loving your family, loving your neighbors, loving your co-workers...a simple yet practical way to spread Gods love and change the world. It's faith in action.  

So my encouragement to you is this, love on someone this week. Go out of your way to love and serve someone in your everyday life. Because you never know who needs it. You never know who's life is currently falling apart.

Who's feeling lonely and isolated? As a culture, we have gotten very good at being pretendaholics: We pretend like our lives are picture perfect when the reality is we are broken, flawed humans beings living in a fallen world.

But we can each do our part by deeply loving one person at a time. So don't let the troubles of this world tear you down, instead be proactive about loving the people around you, putting their needs above your own. That's the gospel and the gospel changes hearts and lives forever. Sarai Jacobs is an amazing photographer, wife and mother who loves the Lord and serves Him diligently. Her website is in development but follow her on Facebook @sarai.jacobs to view her beautiful pictures of life, family and faith! 

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