The Comparison Danger - Guest Post by Carlita Earl


The Comparison Danger 

(Apples to Oranges) 

By: Carlita A. Earl 


Wow, how deep an allurement this can be 

The subtle pull and shift that feeds our inner need to intensely compare 

our lives and things with such superior scrutiny. 

We attribute loyalty to our categories of “greater than or less than” scales-tipping 

back and forth, a similarity or difference. 

Yet it fails to tell the truth of what matters and is real like value, worth and significance. 

What really lies beneath all this 

This dangerous game of comparison picks 

That really breeds discontentment, jealousy and kills our lives of its purpose and usefulness. 

The truth of the matter is its unproductive-like comparing apples to oranges-the argument is absolutely fruitless. 

So views must shift 

Opinionated comparisons crumble and submit 

To the One who values and embraces us all with love and care 

We must avoid the dangers of comparison-for we are all loved by the One 

Who is truly beyond all compare! 

Written: (c) October 21, 2014 All Rights Reserved

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