Why The Refreshing Life?

In March of 2016 I was diagnosed with liver disease, Cirrhosis to be exact. I don’t even drink and here I was labeled with the one disease that never entered my mind as a possibility. This past Spring I was incredibly ill and so frustrated. Here I was trying to live a life pleasing to the Lord, to share His love with the world and now I was facing possible liver transplant, my hair falling out, infertility, anemia, fibroids, potassium deficiency, enlarged spleen, gall stones and a 40% chance of death in the next five years.

My mother swooped in with prayers and a plan. My community rallied around me. My husband was a rock and my father a source of constant encouragement. The help that Jon and I received were the hands of Jesus on the earth. The doctors had no explanation as to why the illness had progressed so far so fast, maybe it was from fatty liver disease or maybe it is some exotic autoimmune issue. Nobody seems to know, all I could do was trust the Father in the midst of what seemed like an “untrustable” situation.

In the midst of this storm I have seen the face of God. I have been carried by the prayers of the righteous. And most importantly I’ve clung to the fact that God still heals today. My empty unfilled Diabetes and High Blood Pressure medicine bottles are a sign of that. The doctor reports that my liver is functioning and there is nothing to do but watch it, spurs me to reply, that I watch only for the manifestation of my healing to be revealed. My clothes are too big and the weight I use to carry has diminished since changing my entire nutritional lifestyle. And I feel great, look pretty cute to. If you knew how sick I was you would rejoice with me that my sluggish liver is starting to trot! Praise the Lord!

But sometimes those nasty little doubts whisper to my mind. So what do you do? First you call the devil a lie, proclaim the Word of God over your life and stand flat footed on the promises of Psalm 118 verse 17 – I shall not die but live to proclaim the work of the Lord! And did you know the liver is the only organ that can regenerate, that’s what I’m experiencing, a creative miracle in my own body!

Then you think of Morgan Freeman. One of his most famous movie lines is from the Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” Being sick will make you take a long look at your life and I saw some things I didn’t like. Fear that hindered me from pursuing my dreams full out, I saw missed opportunities, many moments I had lived unaware of the presence, the power and the beauty of the Lord.

And I decided no more… In the midst of my sickness, the Lord whispered to me to live! Live with joy, with passion, with a thankful heart and the belief that He can do all things and so the entire focus of Broken Box Ministries has changed. The Lord will satisfy me with long life and show me His salvation! And each moment I have I plan to live joyfully, thankfully and prayerfully. My new mission, the desire of my heart, is to teach others to do the same thing.

About Dr. Naima Johnston Bush

An anointed singer, songwriter, worship leader, author and speaker, Dr. Naima Johnston Bush uses her artistic gifts to encourage her audiences to live a life of exuberant  joy, powerful prayer and sincere gratitude while sharing practical life lessons to assist them in living their lives in the center of God's will.  

Engaged in full time ministry, Naima travels the country singing and speaking for various groups, sharing her powerful and life changing stories.  After an abusive boyfriend declared he would kill her, hide her body and make sure no one ever found her, Naima gave her life to the Lord and is now on a mission to help women find wholeness in Jesus.  

Singing since she was a toddler, Naima has created an entirely new musical genre that reaches across cultures, spanning Contemporary Christian Music, Urban Gospel and Worship.  She is a singer/songwriter whose thought provoking lyrics explores life's hopes, struggles, blessings and disappointments while giving glory and honor to the never failing love of the Savoir. 

With a PhD in Education from The Ohio State University, Naima uses her educational expertise in training and development and musical gifts to serve as an empowering guest artist, speaker, dynamic minister and educator for churches, colleges, conferences, seminars, retreats, women's groups, businesses, educational organizations, Stonecroft Ministries, recovery groups, youth and community entities.  She has been ordained by Pastors Terry and Tina Bell of New Vision Assembly in Jacksonville, FL.

Naima has written and produced her debut project entitled, Everything, her sophomore offering, This Place and her newest CD, The Deeper Project. Traveling the country ministering and performing extensively has brought Naima a legion of fans in states such as: Georgia, Kentucky, Kansas, Wisconsin, New York, Ohio, Maryland, Connecticut, Missouri and Indiana.  

She is also the author of, Called To Sing, 13 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting In Music Ministry, Dr. Nay’s Random Life Lessons, Go With What You Got; Dr Nay’s Dream Development Manual, Confessions of a Big Girl;Reflections on Fat, Faith and Femininity and her newest book, Lessons From The Back Seat or How I Learned To Be A Wife.

Naima is the wife of Pastor Jon E. Bush who serves as the principal of Leesville First Assembly Christian Academy and a "doggy mom" to Bianca and Bucho Bush. Naima and Jon attend Leesville First Assembly under the leadership and spiritual covering of Pastor Jack and Christina O'Steen.
With a powerful testimony of overcoming low self esteem, food addiction, broken relationships and now facing a life changing medical diagnosis, Naima has chosen to embrace life fully with a joyful heart, a thankful spirit and rooted in prayer.  Her greatest desire is to teach others to do the same.
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