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You Are God's Creation - Guest Post by Ramelle T. Lee 

You Are God’s Creation 

By Ramelle T. Lee ©2017 

Meditation Scripture: (Psalm 139:14 KJV). 


“ I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 

Marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” 


YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL!    You are one of a kind!  You are unique in many ways. What has God done in your life?  Do you realize what He has uniquely done to make you so special?  You were born with something special and unique.  Your characteristics are not like anyone else. You are God’s unique creation.  You don’t really understand how wonderfully you were made. 

Have you ever taken the time to look in the mirror to see yourself as God sees you?  Are you happy with whom you have become?  Do you like who you are?  What are your thoughts and opinion of what you look like to God?  How do you feel?  It’s time that you discover who you are in God.  Keep your eyes opened to see who God has made you to become.  You are a miracle made in God’s image, His likeness.  You may not always feel significant, important or worthy.  However, you must get a new attitude and disposition about yourself.  It is time to come away from negative people who will destroy the true you!  Stay away from situations that will bring you down! 

God has planted or placed you in this world to be a part of His kingdom.  God can use you!  He wants you to help change lives.  He can work in your life if you let Him!  You can help others because there is something extra special about you.  You can give others hope. They will be lifted inspired and encouraged!  Your life will be a light to show them how to see Jesus.  They will learn of His power and work as you allow Him to work through you. 

You are unique and needed by the Lord.  Sure, you have experienced sorrow and hurts in your life that have caused you pain, suffering and grief.  But, God has kept you through every storm or hard-time.  No matter what Satan has done, God has been there for you.  He brought you through to be victorious! In God’s eyes, you are newly created!  You are a new person! God made you anew when you accepted His Son, Jesus Christ. You made the right choice to allow Jesus into your heart. 

Now, this has opened the door for Him to enter in to show you the way to live a better life. God has transformed your way of thinking.  Now, you can see Him more clearly.  As you read God’s Word in the Holy Bible, your life will ultimately change from the inside out. You will become reborn, changed and empowered with a brand new life in Christ!  The love of God will live inside of you.  He will lead and guide your every step. 

Realize that God has given you His power to further build your character. With His help, you will be able to tear down false images or thoughts of hopelessness.  You will see that they can interfere with who God has called you to become. When you were formed in your mother’s womb, God already had His hands on your life. 

You are somebody special to Him.  You were always created to share His love with people.  You have been chosen to be used by God. You have been given a mandate or godly orders to take God’s Word everywhere.  Stand for what is right, true and honest.  God has placed His Words in your heart.  You are equipped to share His love.  You can help those who are not living for God!  You have His power to reach out to those who are uncertain or unsure as to whom they are in Christ.  You can help them to discover who God has created them to become. 

Proudly serve God, the Almighty Master of the Universe.  Follow the Holy Spirit as He leads your life.  You will receive God’s blessings.  Every false thought or image of yourself will be destroyed!  You are God’s amazing creation! There is nobody like you!


Ramelle T. Lee is a poet, author of four books, speaker, businesswoman, radio co-host and a staff writer for The Lamp Newsletter.  In 2006, she founded Touching Your Heart Ministries to reach people who feel hopeless, deeply hurt, rejected, wounded and brokenhearted.  She is also a CEO of Treasures from Heaven Ministries and a leader in several other organizations. 

For more information or to contact Ramelle: Touching Your Heart Ministries 

P.O. Box 119 Lincoln Park, MI 48146-0119 



Believe and Live - Guest Post by Wanda Burnside 



Don’t let the buzzards and vultures 

Fly circling above your head 

For they are waiting and watching 

For you to drop dead 

They don’t want you to live 

They are hoping you won’t survive 

But, keep pressing on and don’t quit 

Say, “I will live and not die!” 

Life is hard in so many different ways 

Things can really get so tough 

Challenges, difficulties, test and trials 

Sometimes you want to say, “Enough!” 

When you have tried and tried so hard 

With all of your strength and might 

Yet, things don’t turn out like you want 

You still must continue to fight! 

Some people may want you to give up 

Because they hope you will fail 

They don’t want you to press on 

Persevere, succeed and excel 

Don’t let the buzzards and vultures 

Circle around your head 

Don’t allow their evil thoughts 

Interfere with what the Holy Bible said 

God has given you His angels 

To keep you so you won’t fall 

They are there to protect you 

God will send them when you call 

The buzzards and vultures 

Want you to always fear 

They don’t want you to believe 

That God is standing near 

Ignore what they are trying to do 

Reject their schemes and plans 

Stand firm in faith and know 

You are in God’s almighty hands 

Although you may stumble 

Along life’s journey and way 

God will provide for you 

No matter what others say 

Life may look miserable and down 

And filled with loads of problems too 

Just be assured and stay strong 

God has great blessings for you 

Don’t allow fearful thoughts 

And worries to circle over your head 

 They’re like those buzzards and vultures 

That wants you to fail and fall dead 

They will play with your thoughts 

And depress your very mind 

Trying to control your destiny 

So leave them far behind 

Look up and see Jesus 

For He will bring you out 

He is your help and strength 

Don’t continue to fear and doubt 

Those buzzards and vultures 

Never will devour you as dead meat 

You’re covered in the Blood of Jesus! 

Satan isn’t above, 

 He’s under your feet! 


Wanda Burnside

(c) 2019

Repost - A Prayer For The Singles by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush 

A Prayer tor the Singles 

February, the month of flowers, proposals and lots of chocolate, which as a big girl is soooo not a good thing!  As a single woman I remember running the gamut on emotions during this time of year.  There were the, I’m so depressed moments and the, I hate men moments.  Which were often followed by the, I don’t care if I’m alone moments, the I’m so jealous I can turn green moments and the moment that signifies you’ve made your peace with Christ,  I’m just gonna hang out with my girls cause I’m alone and I’m going to have a good time, even if I feel a little sad sometimes.  

Coming to terms with being single is easier said then done for some of us.  I don’t know if I ever came to terms with the crushing loneliness that sometimes invaded my space.  I never fully made peace with my singleness and I know that it is often preached in many singles groups – make peace and then “The One!” will show up.  But it didn’t happen like that for me.   

Instead I simply surrendered with a prayer that went – “I don’t want to be single, You know I don’t want to be single, and You desire truth from the inward part so I’m telling You that I don’t like the thought of being single all my life.  But I know You know what’s best for me, and I trust that You will do right by me. So if being single is what’s best for me, I trust You to carry me through.” 

I meet Jon not long after that and we were married in less then nine months.  What was I doing when I met my husband?  I was singing – doing what I was called to do.  After 18 years of waiting I get to celebrate, but for many a dark Valentine’s Day Jesus sustained my heart.  I pray He do the same for you if you’ve been waiting for a few years or many years, if you are a widow and desire a mate, a divorcee or a new Christian.   Be about your Father’s business and let His plan unfold. 

Check out my stories of singleness and being newly married in my book, Lessons From The Back Seat  

And in the meantime, I'm praying for and with you! If you desire a mate and have been waiting and would me to add you to my prayer list, leave me a comment or shoot me an email!

Repost - Would Santa Punch You In The Face? 

Would Santa Punch You In The Face? by Dr. Naima Bush, Founder of The Refreshing Life 

Who knows how a Turkish bishop named Nicholas, who was orphaned at a young age and had a penchant for gift giving and died centuries ago, became an eternally living, jolly fat man, who lives in a snow covered wasteland, riding around with magic reindeer while managing to defy the space time continuum that the Good Lord put in place. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think the idea of Santa is a wonderful thing, and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t hope to one day leave milk and cookies out for the dude with my own children.  When my brother and I were little we left Santa some Chips Ahoy and an orange plastic Tupperware tumbler of Vodka… don’t ask… 

But this year as I flipped from channel to channel it seemed that every holiday themed movie or TV show that was on was about Santa Claus, or an Elf, or a dysfunctional family. Unless it was a Hallmark or Lifetime movie, then it was about some professional business woman to busy for love and how seasonal magic somehow ushered her into the arms of Mr. Right. 

Not one show about the birth of our Savior, the true meaning of Christmas, the greatest gift ever given, at least not until Charlie Brown comes on, and then we’ll hear Linus preach the gospel message until the day that somebody protests that Christmas tradition as being offensive. We already lost the song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and Rudolph is facing the axe because of bullying… but I digress. 

As I was pondering my TV selections, I thought about a conversation I had with a Catholic friend of mine in regards to the true history of Santa Claus. Now Nicholas was a devout man, who loved the Lord with his whole heart.  There are many stories of how he gave away everything he had to meet the needs of others, all in the name of Christ. 

But he shared with me a story I had never head before.  This one was about how St. Nicholas attended the Council of Nicaea in the year 325 with three hundred other church leaders under the direction of the Emperor Constantine. During this major ecumenical event, the Nicene Creed was produced, but before that Santa got a little unruly… 

Arius, a church leader from Egypt had the floor and was going on and on about how Jesus was not equal to God the Father, thus rendering the Trinity as null and void. The longer Arius talked, the more perturbed Nicholas became, until he could take the heresy no more and dashed across the room and smacked in some accounts, or punched in others, Arius in the face.  Which to be honest, makes me laugh uncontrollably, since the only image I have of Saint Nicholas comes from the imaginings of the secular world. 

Well, of course Nicholas, the patron saint of children, repentant thieves, merchants (might explain all the shopping) and pawnbrokers (yes, pawnbrokers)  was punished and stripped of his bishop’s garments and thrown in jail… and then there’s a miracle and restoration… you’ll have to look it up to get the details on this one or we’ll be here forever… But Nicholas does get out of jail and is restored to his office. 

The point is Nicholas was willing to risk it all to defend the truth. Christmas is about Christ, and I believe Saint Nicholas would agree. If he got so upset he was clocking folks in the eye over the importance of the Trinity, what would his response be to how the world has taken this most sacred time and turned it into a Black Friday brawl over a $198.00 TV set? 

Yes, Christmas is a sacred time. It should be more about giving the gift of His eternal love, of forgiveness and restoration then about elves and grinches and stockings. I’m not saying not to put out your cookies, or decorate your tree or hang your Christmas lights. Jon and I watched Elf this past weekend and I laughed so hard I almost choked. But while we are doing these things, let's not forget The One who gave us breath in our lungs so that we could laugh, The One who loved us so much that He left His throne to be born in this barren place to give us hope and a future. 

What I am saying is that although many believe that the story of Saint Nicholas smacking Arius is a myth, it still begs the question. A man so on fire for the Lord that he risked everything to tell the world he would not stand for the demotion of his Savior, that he would not stand idly by while someone made the Lord Jesus Christ less then what He Is, that someone would so reckless disregard the gift the Father gave us to restore us, pushed Santa Claus to the brink. 

If Jolly Old Saint Nick was here today, would he be so jolly? Or would he be running around malls, TV stations, Christmas events and even churches smacking folks in the face? 

This blog is a repost from last year. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments. Please leave us a note below or on our Facebook page! 

#santaclauspunchesarius #saintnicholasandarius #slappingsanta

I Am Not Enough 

I Am Not Enough by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush (c) 2019

I am not enough 

When she brings 

Grimy little fists 

To eyes brimming 

with tears 


Angry, sad, or out of sorts 

Because of the injustices 

Thrust upon her 

Little voice shaking 

And heart needing stitching 


She calls out for me 

But she really doesn’t mean me 

Or does she? 


I can ply her with kisses 

Sing gentle songs 

Of His power and His grace 

Purchase princess dresses 

Play tea party 

Take her to the House of Mouse 

Spend hours interceding for her in prayer 

And let her stay up later then she should 


But when I take her to the place 

Where the other mother resides 

It doesn’t matter 

That I band aid scrapped knees 

And sit up wiping brows 

When she is feverish and dull 


When the mother of the body 

Descends with her presence 

I am cast aside 

Although I offer the world 

And the wisdom of the Word 

And she offers grief and inconsistency 


I am the one who straps her in once again 

Broken after two hours of paradise 

Screaming and shooting bitterness into my open arms 

I am affirmed once again 

That I will never be enough


Dr. Naima Johnston Bush 

Foster Mother © 2019 7thirtyseven Logos Publishing

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