An Interview with Author and Speaker, Kim Aldrich

Tell us about you and the work you do. 

I’m an author, speaker, and come-alongside mentor who helps women drink in and pour out the truth and love of Jesus in practical, relational ways. I consider myself a “discipleship evangelist,” someone who helps call the church back to a lifestyle of discipleship. 

How did you get started doing the work you do? 

Years ago, I “stumbled” into making disciples. Thought I’d walked with Jesus since childhood, I had never been discipled myself, nor had any of my friends. One day I met a new believer who needed help getting started in her relationship with Jesus. With all my heart, I wished there was someone I knew who could disciple her. Then before I knew what hit me—I later realized it was the Holy Spirit’s prompting—I found myself volunteering for the job! 

Soon an associate pastor’s wife saw us meeting together, and began sharing about The Great Commission and how making disciples was for every believer, not just the “professional” Christians. These words fused themselves into my spiritual DNA, and soon I found the courage to ask her to disciple me—which to my amazement, she did! 

Over the past dozen years, I’ve become passionately enthusiastic about relational discipleship, as I’ve witnessed time after time the life-changing difference that becoming firmly rooted in Christ brings. I just can’t get enough of it! Yet as I shared my joy with friend after friend, almost every one responded with the same sad sentence: That’s great for you—but I could never do it! 

Over time, I sensed the Lord nudging me to write a book for first-time mentors that would both equip them to make disciples AND give them courage that it’s something they really can—and are called—to do. After four years of pouring onto paper the principles God has taught me (and creating a website with resources to go with it), the book was finally published in November 2017: 

DiscipleSips: Leaving a Jesus Legacy One Latte at a Time (A Sip-by-Sip Guide to Friendship Discipleship) 

What challenges have you had and how did you overcome them? 

One challenge was getting the words down on paper, as clearly as God has whispered them into my heart. On the first day, I could’ve verbally have told you in one sitting 95% of what was in the book. Yet once I started writing, I found myself staring down a pretty deep and debilitating well of perfectionism. So God really had to reroute my thinking. 

I realized the manuscript was twice as long as the publisher recommended—and needed to be cut in half! I had to enlist the help of friends, and my “king of brevity” husband, to be able to take the surgeon’s knife to my precious manuscript—before hiring a professional editor to help smooth it all out. 

Another challenge was the HUGE sensory overload of trying to finish the book while also navigating the learning curve of social media in order to launch the book. At times I honestly thought my head might explode! I felt like I was standing in front of a pitching machine desperately try to avoid getting a broken nose from all the publishing and social “balls” that were constantly hurtling my direction. To this day, I still have so much to learn, yet what I have learned so far has been invaluable. 

What has been your biggest triumph and why? 

My biggest triumph has been finally being able to deliver the burning message God whispered to my heart. I so strongly sensed His calling to write this book that I knew I would never quit—but there were definitely times during the 4½ year process when I wondered if I would ever finish—or would be 100 years old when the book was finally published! 

My second biggest triumph has been the reaction of the readers! I have been blown away by how the readers have “gotten” the message and embraced it. I’m often brought to tears that what God whispered to my heart all those years ago is echoing back to me through the heartfelt words of readers. It’s like their hearts were a pile of smoldering embers, waiting for “permission” and the “how-to” to make disciples. All I had to do was blow on those embers...and God used my words to fan them into flame! 

How has being a part of the Creative Christian Women's Network benefited you? 

I haven’t been part of this community for long, but each time I’ve attended the dinners I’ve felt very welcomed and encouraged. I also love that it’s a lot more informal than other Christian women’s groups I’ve been part of, which for me—a “what you see is what you get” kinda girl—is perfect! I also love the part of the meeting where each person gets to share “What are you doing and what do you need?” It gives the rest of us a chance to meet a practical need a person might have in their ministry, and vice versa. It also helps inform the prayer time at the end—because we actually know what each person is facing. 

What advice do you have for those starting out in creative business or ministry? 

I would suggest starting small. Everyone wants to start big, but even if we could, most of us aren’t as ready as we think. I’ve often groaned under the seasons of waiting God seems to put me through at each stage of my ministry journey. Yet often when I reach the next stage, I’m grateful He held me back when He did...because I end up needing the lessons I’ve just learned for the NEXT season! I love Joyce Meyer’s story of being frustrated for years that her ministry was growing so slowly, yet how looking back that’s the thing she’s most thankful for and thanks God for that the most—that her ministry grew at exactly the rate God knew it needed to. 

I’d also suggest that you avoid comparing yourself to others. I realize that comparison is unavoidable to some extent—and can sometimes be healthy if it spurs us on to the next level. But I’m talking about the kind of comparison that makes you feel resentful toward those who are “ahead” of you and “less than” because you’re doing as well (or as much) as the next person. As I recently heard a speaker say: If you are called to this ministry, everything you do is really for an audience of One. So whether your numbers of followers, sales, or likes are tiny or titanic...the main question is: Have you been obedient to God? If so, rejoice—cuz He is! So stay in your lane, and run your race. It takes all of us to reach the world, and Jesus has called YOU to a very specific part of the battle! 

How can we keep up with you? What are you currently working on? 

I’m still in “book promo” mode, so I’ll be doing interviews, guest blogging, and speaking wherever God leads! 

To learn more about me and the work I do visit:

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Twitter: kimaldrich121 
To order DiscipleSips: Leaving a Jesus Legacy One Latte at a Time, click: disciplesips/

“Let’s go and make disciples—one latte at a time!” 

Matthew 28:16-20

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