Beautiful Posture - Lara Landon

I’ve been thinking a lot about my stance lately. Not my physical stance, that I do think about (I have known for years that I rarely stand or sit up straight and I hate it), but about the stance that my mind and heart function and operate out of. 

I have to ask myself- Does my heart's stance resemble my body’s- taking the path of least resistance? Is my stance one that is graceful or sluggish and non compliant? 

My physical posture is completely under my control although most of the time I let it slip and slump- my hearts posture is completely under my control though I let it slip and slump. 

I used to be a ballerina or at least I took ballet and was really serious about it. I loved how it trained me to have beautiful upright posture, how to hold myself. I didn’t really even get to the tricky stuff- most of my ballet training was on simply standing or doing the smallest things with the right posture. And by just holding my body correctly I developed such strong muscles. 

It’s the same with the training of my heart. I may not be able to do huge works, big elaborate works with the right heart yet. But God is training me just to hold the right heart, learn the right posture. When 1st position is solid I can carry that into the beautiful elaborate turns, jumps, spins and lifts. 

That’s what I desire. Like any women I want to be beautiful and graceful not slumpy and clumsy. It’s starts by training my heart to hold that first position. Grateful not entitled. Open not closed. Upright not lazy. Sharp and pointed not dull and lethargic. 

The word of God sharpens, but only if I choose to apply it. It all comes down to training and choice. It’s always been about choice. Choose this day the discipline of beautiful posture. 

(Even now at this coffee shop where I’m typing it’s so unusual for me to be sitting completely upright- no one else is- it’s hard- and that’s how I know it’s probably right)

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