Daughter of Grace

My First Novel! Daughter of Grace! by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush, Founder of the Refreshing Life with Naima

I remember where I was at the exact moment JFK Jr. passed away. When I heard the news that Michael Jackson’s voice was silenced forever – the sadness I felt when I learned about the death of the beautiful Diana. 

But the celebrity death that shook me to the core was the untimely and seemingly undignified death of Whitney Houston. I grew up on Whitney, heck, I wanted to be Whitney! And like most aspiring singers who came of age in the late 80’s and early 90’s I’ve warbled The Greatest Love of All, at my fair share of auditions and showcases. 

But when I became a Christian, I found myself called to sing songs that encouraged and inspired people to know, love and to worship the Creator… not the created.  Whitney Houston like so many other famous artists got her start in the church but at some point, decided that secular stardom was the path to pursue. And even in this, I know the Lord had a purpose.

Reflecting on the life of the woman who may very well have had the greatest voice of all time, I am brokenhearted at the turn her life took. Drugs, vocal damage, odd behavior – who can forget the infamous “crack is wack” quote during her interview with Barbra Walters?  At some point, although Whitney professed to be a believer, the power of God was not evident or active in her life. 

My first Christian fiction novel, Daughter of Grace was born as I watched Whitney’s funeral being broadcast on CNN, BET, VH1 and a host of other channels.  And the thing that struck me the most about the broadcast was that Whitney was a believer and if God did not get the glory in her life, He surely got it in her death. 

The Lord got the glory in every testimony shared, every song that pointed to Jesus as the only way. He got the glory when they shared the gospel on CNN through her eulogy, when CeCe Winans took the mic and dropped, “Don’t Cry For Me.” How many millions watched that day and heard that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life? That He was the only way to eternal life? How many considered the truth of Christ after the death of a diva who made them celebrate love, overcome broken hearts, sing along and dance, but always believed in her heart the truth of Jesus? Even if she could never quite grasp her victory.

I find hope in that. Daughter of Grace is not Whitney’s story, although parts of it could be. Part of it could be my story, the struggles with food addiction, with never feeling good enough, with wanting to hide in the shadows even though there is some sparkle there that the Lord blew on me to share with the world. It was inspired by a voice that soared to the heavens and the legacy she left behind. It was built on a hope that I harbored that Whitney’s daughter might have a different life… 

Bobbi Christina had not died when I started writing. Actually, what I thought would take a few months to compete took several years. But Bobbi Christina was gone by the time I typed the last words. 

Daughter of Grace is the story of the meteoric rise of Grace Parker, a super star singer, grounded in faith but chased by generational curses, life changing bad choices and addictions. It is also the story of her daughter Anna who struggles with similar challenges and at the death of her mother must uncover her mother’s secrets to find the freedom that is offered in Christ. Will Anna finally understand that Jesus is enough or will she choose to live lost unable to access the power of God?

Come find out! Daughter of Grace, will be releasing on March 11, 2019 and we are currently taking pre-orders. If you'd like to order your copy of this inspiring new book you can click here to order: Daughter of Grace

I'm so excited to share this labor of love with you. I pray that it blesses you and that after you order and read it, you'll come back to this page to share your comments, thoughts and insights with me.

Thank you as always for being part of this journey as we walk together on the Wild Side in search of joy with Jesus.

Don't forget! You can pre-order your copy today here: Daughter of Grace

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