The Salt Light Talk - Guest Post by Carlita Earl


“The Salt Light Talk” 

Written by: Carlita Earl 


And Jesus looked and saw the crowds gathering in 

The stage was set 

A new day had dawned and risen 

Quick, hurry the bell is ringing-the invitation extending 

Time for the session to begin 

We gonna ascend up the mountain 

Fully devoted Christ followers ready to get it in 

With them who He called to hear and receive the life lessons of heart orientation 

Into this entrance of Kingdom higher learning 

And living out this sojourning of discovery 

It’s the discovery of who you are and who He designed you to be. 

A sacred identity-you were chosen and selected to reflect from a new heart 

The blessing of beatitudes 

Such BE-autiful attitudes demonstrating before a world sinfully lost and deskewed 

But oh how blessed are you who live out these paradoxical attributes 

Of humility, mercy, purity, making peace in the midst of hostile feuds 

And rejoicing when people insult and persecute you too-joining in the reward of the prophets 

who went before you. 

Wanna hear an awesome truth? Know how He sees you, what He decreed about you? 

You….are catalysts of righteousness 

Bearing Christ-like attractiveness 

Moving and shaking uncontained like salt spreading throughout the earth to penetrate the blandness 

Bring healing to the pain and distress of the sons of men 

That would awaken them to their need of the gracious flavor of salvation only found in Him. 

And though He sends you to be an influence among a decaying society so strategically 

Just remember to remain in the Vine abiding that the seasoning isn’t found trampled under 

Men’s feet as good for nothing, but keeps its potency with integrity! 

Cause they need to see that you are the light of the world, shinning with glorious brilliance 

Like a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden 

A lamp lit, propped up sitting in the open giving clear vision to those in the dark 

Stumbling and falling that they’ll no longer see men as trees walking! 

Yes, this is your calling, to be all in, let your light shine before men 

That they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. 

So as you descend the mountain to be a godly influence in the spheres of men 

As He destined you would 

Go and pass the salt, shine your light and welcome them in to the feast that they 

may taste and see that the Lord-He is good!! 

Copyright (c) November 30, 2016 All Rights Reserved

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