You Are God's Creation - Guest Post by Ramelle T. Lee

You Are God’s Creation 

By Ramelle T. Lee ©2017 

Meditation Scripture: (Psalm 139:14 KJV). 


“ I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 

Marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” 


YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL!    You are one of a kind!  You are unique in many ways. What has God done in your life?  Do you realize what He has uniquely done to make you so special?  You were born with something special and unique.  Your characteristics are not like anyone else. You are God’s unique creation.  You don’t really understand how wonderfully you were made. 

Have you ever taken the time to look in the mirror to see yourself as God sees you?  Are you happy with whom you have become?  Do you like who you are?  What are your thoughts and opinion of what you look like to God?  How do you feel?  It’s time that you discover who you are in God.  Keep your eyes opened to see who God has made you to become.  You are a miracle made in God’s image, His likeness.  You may not always feel significant, important or worthy.  However, you must get a new attitude and disposition about yourself.  It is time to come away from negative people who will destroy the true you!  Stay away from situations that will bring you down! 

God has planted or placed you in this world to be a part of His kingdom.  God can use you!  He wants you to help change lives.  He can work in your life if you let Him!  You can help others because there is something extra special about you.  You can give others hope. They will be lifted inspired and encouraged!  Your life will be a light to show them how to see Jesus.  They will learn of His power and work as you allow Him to work through you. 

You are unique and needed by the Lord.  Sure, you have experienced sorrow and hurts in your life that have caused you pain, suffering and grief.  But, God has kept you through every storm or hard-time.  No matter what Satan has done, God has been there for you.  He brought you through to be victorious! In God’s eyes, you are newly created!  You are a new person! God made you anew when you accepted His Son, Jesus Christ. You made the right choice to allow Jesus into your heart. 

Now, this has opened the door for Him to enter in to show you the way to live a better life. God has transformed your way of thinking.  Now, you can see Him more clearly.  As you read God’s Word in the Holy Bible, your life will ultimately change from the inside out. You will become reborn, changed and empowered with a brand new life in Christ!  The love of God will live inside of you.  He will lead and guide your every step. 

Realize that God has given you His power to further build your character. With His help, you will be able to tear down false images or thoughts of hopelessness.  You will see that they can interfere with who God has called you to become. When you were formed in your mother’s womb, God already had His hands on your life. 

You are somebody special to Him.  You were always created to share His love with people.  You have been chosen to be used by God. You have been given a mandate or godly orders to take God’s Word everywhere.  Stand for what is right, true and honest.  God has placed His Words in your heart.  You are equipped to share His love.  You can help those who are not living for God!  You have His power to reach out to those who are uncertain or unsure as to whom they are in Christ.  You can help them to discover who God has created them to become. 

Proudly serve God, the Almighty Master of the Universe.  Follow the Holy Spirit as He leads your life.  You will receive God’s blessings.  Every false thought or image of yourself will be destroyed!  You are God’s amazing creation! There is nobody like you!


Ramelle T. Lee is a poet, author of four books, speaker, businesswoman, radio co-host and a staff writer for The Lamp Newsletter.  In 2006, she founded Touching Your Heart Ministries to reach people who feel hopeless, deeply hurt, rejected, wounded and brokenhearted.  She is also a CEO of Treasures from Heaven Ministries and a leader in several other organizations. 

For more information or to contact Ramelle: Touching Your Heart Ministries 

P.O. Box 119 Lincoln Park, MI 48146-0119 



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