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You Are God's Creation - Guest Post by Ramelle T. Lee 

You Are God’s Creation 

By Ramelle T. Lee ©2017 

Meditation Scripture: (Psalm 139:14 KJV). 


“ I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 

Marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” 


YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL!    You are one of a kind!  You are unique in many ways. What has God done in your life?  Do you realize what He has uniquely done to make you so special?  You were born with something special and unique.  Your characteristics are not like anyone else. You are God’s unique creation.  You don’t really understand how wonderfully you were made. 

Have you ever taken the time to look in the mirror to see yourself as God sees you?  Are you happy with whom you have become?  Do you like who you are?  What are your thoughts and opinion of what you look like to God?  How do you feel?  It’s time that you discover who you are in God.  Keep your eyes opened to see who God has made you to become.  You are a miracle made in God’s image, His likeness.  You may not always feel significant, important or worthy.  However, you must get a new attitude and disposition about yourself.  It is time to come away from negative people who will destroy the true you!  Stay away from situations that will bring you down! 

God has planted or placed you in this world to be a part of His kingdom.  God can use you!  He wants you to help change lives.  He can work in your life if you let Him!  You can help others because there is something extra special about you.  You can give others hope. They will be lifted inspired and encouraged!  Your life will be a light to show them how to see Jesus.  They will learn of His power and work as you allow Him to work through you. 

You are unique and needed by the Lord.  Sure, you have experienced sorrow and hurts in your life that have caused you pain, suffering and grief.  But, God has kept you through every storm or hard-time.  No matter what Satan has done, God has been there for you.  He brought you through to be victorious! In God’s eyes, you are newly created!  You are a new person! God made you anew when you accepted His Son, Jesus Christ. You made the right choice to allow Jesus into your heart. 

Now, this has opened the door for Him to enter in to show you the way to live a better life. God has transformed your way of thinking.  Now, you can see Him more clearly.  As you read God’s Word in the Holy Bible, your life will ultimately change from the inside out. You will become reborn, changed and empowered with a brand new life in Christ!  The love of God will live inside of you.  He will lead and guide your every step. 

Realize that God has given you His power to further build your character. With His help, you will be able to tear down false images or thoughts of hopelessness.  You will see that they can interfere with who God has called you to become. When you were formed in your mother’s womb, God already had His hands on your life. 

You are somebody special to Him.  You were always created to share His love with people.  You have been chosen to be used by God. You have been given a mandate or godly orders to take God’s Word everywhere.  Stand for what is right, true and honest.  God has placed His Words in your heart.  You are equipped to share His love.  You can help those who are not living for God!  You have His power to reach out to those who are uncertain or unsure as to whom they are in Christ.  You can help them to discover who God has created them to become. 

Proudly serve God, the Almighty Master of the Universe.  Follow the Holy Spirit as He leads your life.  You will receive God’s blessings.  Every false thought or image of yourself will be destroyed!  You are God’s amazing creation! There is nobody like you!


Ramelle T. Lee is a poet, author of four books, speaker, businesswoman, radio co-host and a staff writer for The Lamp Newsletter.  In 2006, she founded Touching Your Heart Ministries to reach people who feel hopeless, deeply hurt, rejected, wounded and brokenhearted.  She is also a CEO of Treasures from Heaven Ministries and a leader in several other organizations. 

For more information or to contact Ramelle: Touching Your Heart Ministries 

P.O. Box 119 Lincoln Park, MI 48146-0119 



Repost - Would Santa Punch You In The Face? 

Would Santa Punch You In The Face? by Dr. Naima Bush, Founder of The Refreshing Life 

Who knows how a Turkish bishop named Nicholas, who was orphaned at a young age and had a penchant for gift giving and died centuries ago, became an eternally living, jolly fat man, who lives in a snow covered wasteland, riding around with magic reindeer while managing to defy the space time continuum that the Good Lord put in place. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think the idea of Santa is a wonderful thing, and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t hope to one day leave milk and cookies out for the dude with my own children.  When my brother and I were little we left Santa some Chips Ahoy and an orange plastic Tupperware tumbler of Vodka… don’t ask… 

But this year as I flipped from channel to channel it seemed that every holiday themed movie or TV show that was on was about Santa Claus, or an Elf, or a dysfunctional family. Unless it was a Hallmark or Lifetime movie, then it was about some professional business woman to busy for love and how seasonal magic somehow ushered her into the arms of Mr. Right. 

Not one show about the birth of our Savior, the true meaning of Christmas, the greatest gift ever given, at least not until Charlie Brown comes on, and then we’ll hear Linus preach the gospel message until the day that somebody protests that Christmas tradition as being offensive. We already lost the song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and Rudolph is facing the axe because of bullying… but I digress. 

As I was pondering my TV selections, I thought about a conversation I had with a Catholic friend of mine in regards to the true history of Santa Claus. Now Nicholas was a devout man, who loved the Lord with his whole heart.  There are many stories of how he gave away everything he had to meet the needs of others, all in the name of Christ. 

But he shared with me a story I had never head before.  This one was about how St. Nicholas attended the Council of Nicaea in the year 325 with three hundred other church leaders under the direction of the Emperor Constantine. During this major ecumenical event, the Nicene Creed was produced, but before that Santa got a little unruly… 

Arius, a church leader from Egypt had the floor and was going on and on about how Jesus was not equal to God the Father, thus rendering the Trinity as null and void. The longer Arius talked, the more perturbed Nicholas became, until he could take the heresy no more and dashed across the room and smacked in some accounts, or punched in others, Arius in the face.  Which to be honest, makes me laugh uncontrollably, since the only image I have of Saint Nicholas comes from the imaginings of the secular world. 

Well, of course Nicholas, the patron saint of children, repentant thieves, merchants (might explain all the shopping) and pawnbrokers (yes, pawnbrokers)  was punished and stripped of his bishop’s garments and thrown in jail… and then there’s a miracle and restoration… you’ll have to look it up to get the details on this one or we’ll be here forever… But Nicholas does get out of jail and is restored to his office. 

The point is Nicholas was willing to risk it all to defend the truth. Christmas is about Christ, and I believe Saint Nicholas would agree. If he got so upset he was clocking folks in the eye over the importance of the Trinity, what would his response be to how the world has taken this most sacred time and turned it into a Black Friday brawl over a $198.00 TV set? 

Yes, Christmas is a sacred time. It should be more about giving the gift of His eternal love, of forgiveness and restoration then about elves and grinches and stockings. I’m not saying not to put out your cookies, or decorate your tree or hang your Christmas lights. Jon and I watched Elf this past weekend and I laughed so hard I almost choked. But while we are doing these things, let's not forget The One who gave us breath in our lungs so that we could laugh, The One who loved us so much that He left His throne to be born in this barren place to give us hope and a future. 

What I am saying is that although many believe that the story of Saint Nicholas smacking Arius is a myth, it still begs the question. A man so on fire for the Lord that he risked everything to tell the world he would not stand for the demotion of his Savior, that he would not stand idly by while someone made the Lord Jesus Christ less then what He Is, that someone would so reckless disregard the gift the Father gave us to restore us, pushed Santa Claus to the brink. 

If Jolly Old Saint Nick was here today, would he be so jolly? Or would he be running around malls, TV stations, Christmas events and even churches smacking folks in the face? 

This blog is a repost from last year. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments. Please leave us a note below or on our Facebook page! 

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Irish Springs Bring Peace! 

Irish Springs Bring Peace by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush, Founder of Refreshing Life With Naima

Every now and then I like to confess something just a little strange about myself.  I’m an avid War Movie buff with Hacksaw Ridge, Miracle at St. Anna's and When We Were Soldiers being my three favorites.  I am an introvert by nature, I like to be alone and although I love to sing, I don’t really like being in front of people.  And Rum Raisin and Pistachio are my favorite ice cream flavors…  but one of the strangest things about me is that I have a peculiar fascination with soap. 

And I do mean peculiar. I love the way a good bar of soap feels in my hands.  I can tell you which brands have the best lather, which retain their scent the longest, and which ones get you the cleanest.  I can even tell you when brands change their formula resulting in inferior or superior soap quality.  My husband’s love language is gift giving – and he gives good gifts.  Out of all of the wonderful gifts he gave me last Christmas, the gift I treasured the most was a basked of soaps he had curated from different shops and vendors – BEST GIFT EVER! I spent a good portion of Christmas Day with my nose in the basket inhaling deeply, opening soaps testing them out and placing them in baggies so I could retain their fragrance. 

My struggles with food addiction have never been a secret, I walk this thing out on a daily basis.  I find in times of great strain it is easy to reach for a cookie, when I should be laying before the Lord.  The euphoria of the moment of chewing for some strange reason brings a sense of false calm and deceptive peace – because there is always a price to pay. 

These last few months have been difficult and I’ve found myself falling short quite a bit.  But then something interesting happened.  I was in that melancholic artist mood, distraught about some thing I can’t even remember now, and I opened the fridge to see what was inside.  But then I thought – well actually I believe the Lord whispered to me – you need to wash your hands you’ve been cleaning.  

I found myself at the sink, lathering up my hands with some $5.00 soap that I had brought from the local department store, a good quality soap.  It was called Coastal Waters and the more I rubbed it together the thicker the lather became and the calmer I felt. I stood there for a good ten minutes, singing and washing my hands, lather everywhere, hands soft and wrinkled from the water.  But it felt so good, I felt so much better.  And let’s face it, washing my hands is a much healthier habit then eating a bunch of junk food with my health challenges. 

I thought to myself, what if every time I feel like the world is ending I came to the sink and washed my hands? What if the sink became my altar, my holy place? A memory floated up from the past at that moment… When I was in my early 30’s working with the youth group living in Ohio, I would carry in my purse a box of Irish Spring Soap.  And whenever I needed a moment, needed to focus, needed peace, needed clarity, I would take that soap out and sniff it! Everyone would laugh at me, but I was able to accomplish so much more because of a love of soap that the Lord put in me.  Yes, Irish Springs brought me peace. 

Now when I feel like I need a moment, I run to the sink to wash my hands and sing or talk to Jesus.  It leaves me with a peace I can’t express.  Maybe you need a touchstone, a holy place that you can run to when times are hard.  It may not be at the sink washing your hands, but finding out what it is will help you live a life of joy in the perfection of His will. 

So wash your hands. Make yourselves clean. Get your evil actions out of my sight!

Stop doing what is wrong! Isaiah 1:16

Inclined To Worship 

Inclined to Worship Guest Post By Ramelle T. Lee © 2012 

Meditation Scripture:  I Chronicles 16:29 (KJV) 

"Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name:  bring an offering, and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness." 


The Lord said, "Have you ever thought about what I want you to do for me?  Are you longing to love me with all your heart?  Can you live without my love?  Ponder these questions for a moment.  Now sit back and relax in me.  Allow my love to surround you. 

Allow the Holy Spirit to settle your thoughts and allow you to lift your voice in praise.  Let His Spirit take you to a place of peace and total tranquility.  Are you there yet?  Have you called out my name and lifted your head and hands in total surrender? 

You are precious in my sight.  I love to hear you speak my name.  I love to hear you sing my praises.  I love to hear you witness to others about the way I make you feel inside. 

Can you reflect what you adore about my love? I know it's personal. I realize that you can't always put into words what is truly in your heart. However, I am pleased that you would speak my name aloud.  You are not ashamed to recognize that I am your beloved.   I, your Heavenly Father, am pleased that you take the time to worship me in the beauty of holiness. 

Raise your voice so that it can be heard in the heavens!  Realize that the angels of the Lord are also listening.  You have an audience that never sleeps.  The heavenly choir is also standing at attention.  They glorify my name, just as you choose to do through your worship and praise.  You make me feel special as you praise and worship me.  I am never too busy to hear your voice lifting up beautiful words of adoration to me, the King of glory. 

As you spend precious time in my presence, I will come to your rescue and reward you for reverencing and lifting up my name. I will take care of your needs and shower you with blessings. I see your desire to please me and show forth your praises. While you are showing love to me in your heart, just know that I am smiling at you. 

Continue to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.  You will be given treasures from heaven that no man can take away.  I will bless you.  I will always love you!"


Ramelle T. Lee is a poet, author of four books, speaker, businesswoman, radio co-host and a staff writer for The Lamp Newsletter.  In 2006, she founded Touching Your Heart Ministries to reach people who feel hopeless, deeply hurt, rejected, wounded and brokenhearted.  She is also a CEO of Treasures from Heaven Ministries and a leader in several other organizations.

For more information or to contact Ramelle: Touching Your Heart Ministries 

P.O. Box 119 Lincoln Park, MI 48146-0119 


The Weapons of My Warfare! 

The Weapons of My Warfare! A Teaching Blog by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush, Founder of Refreshing Life with Naima

There are dangerous times afoot. We face the attack of the enemy at every turn, in our churches, schools, homes, jobs, supermarkets, airports and even the movies. Now more then ever we must arm ourselves, we must take up our weapons and be prepared to go to war! But the weapons I speak of are not guns or knives… I speak of weapons more powerful then bullets, mental illness and the plans of the devil. 

The scriptures tell us in 2nd Corinthians Chapter 10 Verses 4 and 5 that: 

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. 

The purpose of the weapons that the Lord gives us is to bring us to a place where we walk and live in total victory and obedience to Him and through Him.  Something I know I am still personally working on.  When we are able to walk according to His plan, hear and obey and live a lifestyle of worship, we can walk in confidence and not fear and we are prepared to set the captives free and can boldly go about the business of doing so. What are these weapons? They are the weapons of reading, studying and memorizing His Word and learning to stand on His promises, speaking the Word of God in every situation and circumstance, good times and bad times.  The weapons are also prayer, intercession, praise, fasting, singing, shouting, dancing, worship, obedience, sacrifice, tithing, serving… It is ultimately living a life according to to His will. 

The Lord has already promised us the victory, He’s given us the tools to walk in obedience – He said in His word that the gates of hell would not prevail against the church, and since the Lord cannot lie we better believe and better get to learning how to use the weapons He has given us to complete our battle assignments. 

If you don’t know the purpose of a thing, if you don’t know why it’s important, you often abuse it or you ignore it and don’t use it. Like a tablet or even a smart phone.  Many of us don’t take full advantage of all the gadgets and features that are contained in these tools.  Super organized folks use their phones for everything, they understand all of the workings of the tool and thus they reap all the benefits of it. 

Like obedience and worship, if we don’t know how these tools connect, if we don’t understand how they are used in our daily warfare, then we can’t reap all the benefits of them.  If you want to truly connect with the Lord, truly worship him and show Him you love him – you must obey Him. Often the struggle in this area begins with a thought… a thought that leads us astray and cause us not to do what the Lord tells us to do. 

We overcome the world through living a lifestyle of worship that first recognizes who God is, how powerful He is, how holy He is and how He sacrificed for us. Through these recognized facts, we choose to make Him Lord of our life.  We also know that every day the battle rages, but with the Lord on our side and through seeking to live a life of obedience, we become battle ready. When we apply the weapons we are able to submit our minds to Him, we are able to overcome temptations, make Godly decisions and regulate our thinking. In our personal prayer time and in studying and applying His word we get to know the Lord intimately, that’s where we learn of His heart, hear His voice, understand His love and become empowered to love and fight on the behalf of others. 

That’s how we learn to start using our weapons, that’s how we start to control our thinking and live a life of obedience.

Are you ready for the battle? We'd love to hear your thoughts - leave us a comment below!

Tell The Devil Nuts! 

Tell The Devil Nuts! by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush, Founder of the Refreshing Life with Naima

*This post originally appeared in the Naima Newsletter and original blog in June of 2015.


Here’s a tidbit that most people don’t know about me.  I love watching war movies, as a matter of fact one of my favorite movies of all time is, When We Were Soldiers.  I can watch that movie over and over again.  Recently, I got a chance to watch, Band of Brother’s Series on HBO, a WWII docudrama that focuses on the experiences of the paratroopers who landed behind enemy lines during the invasion of Normandy.  My favorite part comes near the end when the 101st division is surrounded by the Germans at the town of Bastogne in Belgium. Dealing with a brutal winter, a lack of supplies and an overall weariness, the division Commander is issued a demand to honorably surrender by his enemy.  General McAuliffe who was in charge at that time responded to the German commander one word, “NUTS!” 

Despite the opposition, the appearance of defeat, the lack of resources, General McAuliffe told his greatest enemy in no uncertain terms, “You sir, are crazy, I will not stand down.”  Shortly after McAuliffe wrote that one word in faith, the 101st was resupplied and joined by a fresh division and were instrumental in bringing to end one of the most horrid and brutal events in world history.  It was almost as if his very defiance changed the atmosphere and shifted the war in the favor of right. 

What I’m learning is that as Christians we need to take the same approach.  We need to look the devil in the eye, and let him know that the Creator of Heaven and Earth is on our side and we will not back down.  We need to remember that no matter what it looks like or feels like, God has a greater plan that He is working out on our behalf.  Fresh supplies and reinforcements are on the way!  By faith we have to take a step towards victory declaring that we know by faith it is right around the corner! 

When things go wrong, I’m going to start to yell, “NUTS!”  It is going to be my war cry that I will not be defeated, but rather that I trust the perfect plan of God.  If you are struggling, sick, can’t seem to find your way, if you are in need, if you’ve been fighting and you are tired, yell, “NUTS!” Then start to praise the Lord!  Use the word to declare that the very thought of you being on the losing side is crazy because the Lord of all is sending fresh supplies, angelic and human reinforcements to hold you up.  We will not surrender, even when it is the darkest night!  God has declared the time of victory is now, NUTS to anyone or anything standing in your way!

I'm Dying Here... 

I’m Dying Here… 

One of the problems with reading a lot of books, watching educational videos, listening to good preaching sermons and enjoying podcasts, is that you often hear a nugget of wisdom that profoundly shakes your world.  I jot those little scraps of wisdom down and they exist on napkins, in my phone notes, on church bulletins, my desk top and on random pieces of paper scattered around my home. 

I pull them out often and review them.  Sometimes they spark a song or lead me to do a more in-depth study of the topic. Classes have been created from these gems, presentations and sermons birthed from the little notes to Naima that I keep in a system that only makes sense to me.  I write these notes and quotes because they resonate with me, they challenge me or change me.  Sometimes I write these notes and quotes because I totally disagree with the premise of what has been said and want to examine it from all angles. 

I can’t remember where I got this one from, but there it was was tucked away in my phone notes with no attribution. 

It said, “You don’t win wars by giving up your life.” 

And I can totally understand how that makes sense… when you are perceiving things in the natural.  But the spiritual realm is a whole different story.  As a matter of fact, the way to win the war, the path to achieve great victory, is in fact, giving up your life. 

Jesus illustrates this point when He won the greatest war ever, the one that made Him champion over death, hell and the grave.  He got up on the cross and gave His life and He won the war – and we are always expected to follow His example. 

I am at a cross roads right now, a place where I have to decide what is my number one priority, what am I willing to give my life up for? It’s a difficult, gut wrenching decision, one that has caused me to re-evaluate, reconstruct and listen more closely then ever for the voice of the Father. 

This battle that we fight is unseen, subtle and can make us a casualty of war for the wrong side if we are not paying attention to life.   We can get easily sidetracked when we begin to think about what we want, and not what the Lord wants.  And often what He wants requires us to give up our lives for His glory and purpose.  I don’t mean to physical death of course, but it may mean dying to our own selfish desires, our own plans and dreams. 

How do you reconcile that? Well, I’m thinking that giving my life up to Jesus is much better then trying to hold on to it and finding at the end I’ve been a dead woman walking all along.  I’m going to die in this war – die to myself so I can live for Jesus. 

For whoever would save his life,  will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel's will save it.  Mark 8:35 

I'd love to hear your thoughts, shoot me a note or leave a comment on my FB page at


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A Great Hope 

A Great Hope, Guest Post by Beth Jones 

Has something great happened in your life, when all of a sudden everything turned totally upside down and you're like, "What?!" 

As of this writing, it is Palm Sunday--the time of year when Christian believers celebrate Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey and the people waved palm branches shouting, "Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel!" (John 12:13-13) 

By the time you read this blog post, it may be past Palm Sunday, but this post's message is still relevant, no matter what day or month it is. 

One minute the people are making such a happy brouhaha, and next thing you now they're crucifying the guy. Typical human behavior. Man is fickle. None of this took Jesus by surprise; He came to earth for such a time as this. He knows what is in man's heart and mind. (John 2:24) 

But wait, hold on a minute! When you're going through a dark storm, all is not lost. You don't need to despair. Easter is on its way! Jesus, after being tortured, dying on the Cross, and buried in a borrowed tomb, rose from the grave three days later, just as He said He would to His disciples! (Mark 9:31) 

We can read this true and powerful story with a great hope. Life can be so busy, hectic, and challenging. It can hurt deeply. You and I can get hit by Satan and his minions suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere. The devil often uses those closest to us or other believers to cause us the most pain, confusion, and doubt about God and ourselves.  

While I've experienced Satan's demonic attacks my entire life, the last few years the attacks have been coming against me more frequently and are much more intense than ever before. You wonder what in the world is going on here? 

Personally, I believe we are living in the end times and that is why. Satan knows his time is short. While many people have been saying for hundreds of years that Jesus is coming back soon and nobody knows the day or hour but God (Matthew 24;36), Jesus said we will know that His coming is near by the signs. (Luke 21:5-31) Today's headline news are the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. We see Revelation coming to pass before our eyes.  

So Satan is increasing his attacks on Christian believers, seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8) If he can't kill us, he'll do everything he can to distract, discourage, and derail us from our faith in Christ. The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10) 

But there is GOOD NEWS! We know that Easter is not about cute little bunnies or candy (although as a child, I always enjoyed my Easter basket and chocolate is good any time!). Easter is about Jesus dying for your sin and mine, and Him resurrecting from the grave so we'd be forgiven and live with God in Heaven forever.  

Easter is about the power of the Living, One and True God, the great 

I AM, the King of Kings, to whom all glory and praise and honor is due, forever and ever, amen! 

Jesus died so that you and I would live His abundant life. In our family, health, church, business, ministry, job, at the movies, on the road or in a plane, wherever we are and whatever we are doing. In church and in the marketplace. In the nations where God says, "Go," and sends us. (Isaiah 6:8) 

Are you living that abundant life right now? Are you fully using the spiritual gifts God has given you for His glory? Are you fulfilling your great purpose? 

Selah. Take a pause. Reflect and think on these things today. 

"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over, no matter what my circumstances."--Robert Flatt

Answered Prayer Awaits You 


Answered Prayers Await You By Ramelle T. Lee ©2012 

Meditation Scripture: (Psalm 138:3 NLT).  "When I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me the strength I need." 


What does it take for God to answer your prayer?  What are you afraid of?  Do you think He will not listen to your plea?  Do you think that when you cry out to Him that He will not come to your rescue?  Do you think that you are so self-sufficient that you can do it by yourself?  Do you have a crystal ball that can give you the answer without seeking God first? 

Well, it's time that you awaken from your sleep.  It's time you face the truth and understand that God is standing at attention to hear you pray.  You don't need a crystal ball.  You need to rely on God, for your very existence in this world.  You have been sitting there in your unresolved situation, and not believing that you can get a prayer through to God. 

The enemy has clouded your vision and you are far off track.  The enemy has caused you to revert back to your old ways and not believe that you must rely on God for your answers to life's issues.  Prayer changes things.  Prayer is the key to the kingdom of God. When you realize that God holds the world in the palm of His hands you can shake off the weight, and stand firmly, believing that your situation can be fixed. 

Your heavenly Father has the right course of action for you to take.  He has the right answer to your prayers.  Will you yield to the Voice of the Holy Spirit and relinquish the control to resolve your problems by yourself?  You have been given a wide open window into the heavenlies.  But it's up to you to take up your cross and follow the Master of the Universe.

God will deliver you from the hands of the enemy.  He will deliver you from the storms of your situation.  He will cause you to be strengthened in your inner man daily, as you walk by faith and not by sight.  Can you believe God for your breakthrough?  Can you believe that God will turn your situation around?  Can you believe that God will give you the ability to face the giants in your life? Can you believe that God will provide you with blessed hope to defeat those battles in your life that cause you to mistrust? 

God wants you to be strong in the power of His might. He desires you to believe that you can have mountain moving faith. However, you must firmly stand on His Word and rely on Him to help you conquer fear, that attempts to defeat your spirit and keep you from having victory in your life. Pray for guidance daily and seek the Lord to deliver you from a spirit of selfishness.  Release your cares to your Heavenly Father and allow Him to show you the way to truth.  God will show you how to resolve your issues that have come to defeat your spirit.  God answers prayer!  Believe it and walk daily in the revelation knowledge that you are given everlasting hope. 

Walk in the assurance that God will be there to guide you every step of the way.  You will not fail. You will not fear!  You can climb that mountain of hope and believe that God will hear you when you pray.  God will deliver you and give you the liberty to walk in total victory. Follow His leading one step at a time. Stretch your faith and move towards the promise that has already been established in heaven just for you. 

Thank God for answered prayer and stand in obedience with your head held high.  Watch God show up and rescue you. Give your appointed heavenly angels their chosen assignment to deliver your soul from trouble.  You will receive miraculous blessings, as you believe God for your breakthrough.  Stand and see the salvation of the Lord this day, says the Spirit of God. 


Ramelle Lee is a poet, author, radio host and the founder of Touching Your Heart Ministries. Her first book, Step Into His Greatness is filled with 35 refreshing meditations to encourage and transform.  You can contact her at: 


Picking Weeds... 

Picking Weeds by Dr. Naima Johnston Bush, Founder, Refreshing Life with Naima

When I was a little girl, I thought that dandelions were the most beautiful flowers in the world.  Every spring they would pepper the project grass plots and I’d climb over the little chain link fence to pick a few and hand them as an offering of love to my mother. Bless her heart, my mom would take them up to our stuffy New York apartment and put them in water.  Can you imagine how hurt my feelings were when I discovered that those perky little yellow buds were not flowers, but in fact weeds? 

Life is like that… it’s all about perspective when you think about it.  What do you see when you look at the wide world and the life you are blessed to be living? Do you see your life as a garden overgrown with the white wisps of future weeds? Or do you see flowers that spread like wildfire with the ability to express the sacredness of love? 

I have always lived by the mantra that, “What you call it, it will become.” 

If you call a child stupid or ugly or unwanted long enough, they will listen and believe what you say and act accordingly.  If you call yourself stupid, or ugly, or unworthy, then pretty soon you’ll take on the false attributes of these titles. Even though the Lord has never called you any of these things… 

What if we took the ugly bits of our lives and began to call them great things, what if we called them God things? What if instead of us always complaining about our bodies, our eyes, our voices, our jobs, we began to call ourselves fearfully and wonderfully made?

What if we started looking at life and instead of thinking nothing will ever change, we started thinking about the promises of God – that all things were working together for our good? That we could cast our cares upon Him because He cares for us, that we were fearfully and wonderfully made? 

What would life look like if we started seeing flowers instead of weeds? 

And what joy would we have if we gathered those weeds and handed them as an offering of love to the Creator of the Universe? 

April 5th is National Dandelion Day… (Seriously) what are you going to do about it!?

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