Be A Guest Poster!

Are you a writer passionate about encouraging others with your gift?  Do you have a story to share that will empower other women to live a life of joy, prayer and thanksgiving? Have you experienced the life changing presence of the Lord in your life and want to share your wisdom, life lessons or mistakes?

The Refreshing Lifestyle blog is currently seeking guest posters and we would love to consider your work for inclusion on our website and possibly feature you as one of our guest or expert contributors.

Articles should focus on the overall theme of the Refreshing Life and be in line with our core values.  Our overarching themes and core values center on the following:

A Refreshing Life Is In Intimate Relationship With The Lord

Articles could include topics such as: prayer, fasting, spiritual growth, trust, peace, overcoming challenges, learning the voice of the Lord, growing in faith, Bible Study, life lessons, devotions and applying scripture to daily life application.

A Refreshing Life Pursues Healthy Relationship With Self & Others

Articles could include topics such as: self esteem, confidence, life balance, marriage, singleness, relationships, friendships, forgiveness, courage, the fruit of the Spirit, seeing self as God sees us, understanding who we are in Christ, Grace, personal stories, life lessons, children, adoption and other areas that center on the development of healthy relationships with self and others.

A Refreshing Life Pursues Health and Wellness

Articles could include topics such as: weight loss, health challenges, coping with sickness, grief, loss, cooking, home management, shopping, cleaning tips and life hacks, infertility, addiction, recovery, counseling, working out, staying healthy, working with your doctor, healing and product reviews.

A Refreshing Life Pursues God Given Dreams

Articles could include topics such as: ministry development, dream development, starting a business or ministry, life stories of success, courage, church management, mentoring, leadership, volunteering, managing staff, social media, coaching, business and ministry development issues.

Submission Instructions

There is no word limit for submissions, we are happy to break longer articles into a featured series.  Submissions can be artistic in nature and include video, music, art as well as the written word.  A sponsored give away of the author's book or product is appreciated but not necessary for blog submissions.

To be considered for publication on our blog, please submit your article for review to Dr. Naima Johnston Bush. Previously published articles are acceptable. Authors are expected to assist to in the promotion of their blog post and will be provided with information on guest poster expectations. Authors who are selected should include a promotional picture and a brief bio with links to their website. 

Email Dr. Naima Johnston Bush  for more information!

We'd Love To Review Your CD, Book or Product!

Members of the Refreshing Life Writing Team would love to review your book, CD or product.  Our review team is comprised of artists, authors and speakers dedicated to giving an honest, inspired review of your work. Our goal is to provide you with a review you can use in your press materials, on your websites and other social media sites.  We know how difficult and expensive it can be to garner reviews for new works or products from those who are just starting out, so our mission is to provide supportive and nurturing reviews to assist you in your ministry or business growth.

We charge a minimal fee of $8.00 for a review and also require two copies of your product. One to be given to the reviewer, the other to be used as a give away on our site to one of our Refreshing Life Community Members. Reviews can take up to three months to appear on the site based on work load and current submissions. You will have the opportunity to read the review before it is published and can determine based on its contents if you would like it to be published.

Reviews appear not only in our website, but in the Creative Christian Women's Network newsletter, The Spark, in The Refreshing Life Facebook Group and posted on our other social media sites as well, giving us a reach of over 1,000 individuals. 

For more information or to submit your materials for review please email us here: Refreshing Life Review


Join Our Sponsorship Team!

The Refreshing Life Blog is seeking sponsors to partner with to help promote your services while expanding the outreach of the Refreshing Life Blog.

We'd love to speak with you about how we can work together to support each other and achieve out mutual goals. We have several sponsorship options that may be of interest to you which include: product donation, event sponsorship and financial support.  In exchange we offer marketing and promotion of you and your product across our multiple social media sites as well as through our events and newsletters.  We currently have a social media reach of over 4,000 individuals across our various platforms.

For more information about sponsorship benefits and options please contact us so we can share with you our sponsorship packet. Contact us here: Sponsorship Information

We look forward to working with you to help build the Kingdom of the Lord!